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Allentown Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Allentown, PA, Fighting for Defendants in Lehigh County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Criminal lawyers play such an important role in protecting defendants that the right to legal counsel is safeguarded in the Constitution. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges in Lehigh County or the surrounding areas, an Allentown criminal defense lawyer is crucial if you want to achieve the best outcome.

It’s a mistake to assume that you don’t need an attorney for misdemeanor offenses, or that you only need one for a big trial. Criminal defense begins even before arrest, and the earlier you retain a defense lawyer the better your chances of beating criminal charges. In Philadelphia, public defenders help reduce murder conviction rates by 19% and lower the probability of a life sentence by 62%.

The outcomes for more skilled and experienced private counsel are far better since these lawyers have more time, resources, and skills to help clients with their cases. Rather than look at the cost of hiring a criminal attorney in Allentown, PA, consider how much you gain to win by working with a top-rated lawyer.

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Criminal Attorney in Allentown, PA, Fighting Convictions in Lehigh County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

A criminal conviction can be devastating to a defendant and their family. Even a relatively minor misdemeanor conviction can affect future opportunities to secure a job, join the military, or get financial aid for college.

That’s why you should get the help of an expert defense lawyer and fight criminal charges with all available resources. Even defendants charged with serious felony offenses such as rape, murder, and drug manufacturing have a lot to gain from working with an experienced lawyer. In the right circumstances, you can have years or decades taken off a sentence, if not an outright acquittal.

Defendants facing misdemeanor charges have the most to gain from working with a defense lawyer. For instance, first-time offenders may avoid jail time and get their records expunged through diversionary programs such as Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP) and Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD).

Completing such a program successfully allows the defendant to avoid jail and creates an opportunity for them to get their life back, with no criminal record. This is especially helpful for students fighting drug charges and persons facing DUIs.

Mr. Matthew Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC, has years of experience defending clients against summary, misdemeanor, and summary offenses throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania If you’re looking for someone to help you avoid sentencing or get criminal records expunged, consult Mr. Muckler today.

Protecting Your Right Against Self-Incrimination: What to Know After an Arrest

Immediately after an arrest, an attorney provides much-needed protection against rights violations by law enforcement. One of the most commonly violated rights is protection against self-incrimination.

This right means defendants shouldn’t be forced or tricked into admitting guilt or giving a statement that could implicate them in the case. In practice, however, law enforcement can violate this right when they force the defendant to sign a confession or trick them into signing a plea bargain.

Upon arrest, the police are required to advise the accused of their right to remain silent, and that “anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” Even then, it’s easy for the defendant to fall into a trap and make a costly mistake.

How a Qualified Allentown Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help

A criminal attorney ensures the defendant’s rights are protected and upheld to the utmost. They ensure the defendant has a fair trial, which is one of the most important roles of a defense attorney.

The other role of a criminal attorney is also defined by law as “the right to adequate representation.” Adequate representation means your attorney is required to do everything possible, within reason, to help their client mount a strong defense. This includes:

  • Finding favorable witnesses and getting them to take the stand
  • Finding evidence and information that could help the defendant
  • Discussing the case with the defendant and advising them on the best options available
  • Intervening in court sessions, such as during jury selection to ensure a fair panel
  • File timely motions and appeals
  • Cross-examine witnesses

Your attorney should investigate your case and work hard to prepare a strong defense. Failure to do this opens opportunities for unfair trial and sentencing.

How to Find the Best Allentown Criminal Defense Lawyer

Many defendants in criminal trials are unable to afford a private attorney and instead rely on court-appointed public defenders. Unfortunately, these public defenders are often overworked and have very few resources to help clients. The result is a poor representation that could lead to unnecessarily bad outcomes.

Taking time to find the best criminal defense attorney available makes a big difference in any criminal case. The signs of a top-notch defense lawyer include:

  • Qualified and experienced in trying cases in the local courts
  • Has handled similar cases in the past or specializes in that particular area of the law
  • Takes an active interest in the case and takes time to communicate with you about your progress
  • Committed to defending your best interests; e.g., they don’t compel you to take a guilty plea
  • Communicates openly and honestly about the case
  • Provides an excellent defense regardless of payment

Finding a defense lawyer you can trust can be a challenge. Luckily, Mr. Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC, is one of the top defense lawyers in Allentown and Northeastern Pennsylvania. You can count on Mr. Muckler to fight for your best interests. If you want an Allentown criminal defense lawyer you can trust with your case, contact Muckler Law today.

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