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Dushore Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Dushore, PA, Defending Clients’ Freedom in Sullivan County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

If you or a loved one is facing a criminal charge in Dushore, you should have the best defense available. Penalties for criminal charges can be stiff and last a lifetime, but a first-rate Dushore criminal defense lawyer can help you protect and defend your rights and freedom.

The criminal justice system is not perfect, and many people are unfairly prosecuted and punished each day. The best way to protect yourself from becoming a victim is to get an experienced and skilled lawyer to defend you. According to 2021 statistics for Sullivan County, 71.4% of cases ended in a guilty plea, which suggests that most defendants don’t put up a fight.

With the justice system often biased against defendants, it’s not easy to get a fair trial unless you have the means and resources to fight for your rights. Mr. Matthew Muckler is a top criminal attorney in Dushore, PA, who can help you get the odds in your favor with quality representation and relentless defense both in and out of court.

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When you’re being accused of a crime, it’s vital that you talk to your lawyer as soon as possible. The best opportunities for defense arise in the early stages of a criminal charge before the trial gathers momentum. Your lawyer can protect you during and after your arrest, during questioning, and during the trial.

For example, if the police conducted an illegal search and seizure, the early stages are the best time to have the case thrown out or the charges reduced. Pennsylvania law calls for a preliminary hearing during which a judge decides if the available evidence warrants a trial.

The goal of a strong defense is always to eliminate or minimize the charges you’re facing. When you stand up for your rights, you make it far more difficult for the prosecution to prove their case. The prosecution bears the burden of guilt in any criminal case, and they have to prove their case beyond any reasonable doubt.

For example, the right to be protected against self-incrimination ensures law enforcement can’t force or intimidate you into confessing. Only voluntary statements made after you’ve been advised of your rights can be accepted in court. This is a vital right that must be upheld to keep government agencies from abusing their power.

A skilled criminal lawyer uses these rights to help protect you and create a strong defense. In some cases, a violation of a defendant’s Constitutional rights is enough to have an entire case thrown out.

Criminal Attorney in Dushore, PA, Fighting Criminal Charges in Sullivan County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Since prosecutors must prove their case beyond any reasonable doubt, a criminal lawyer only needs to introduce reasonable doubt in certain elements of a case to win a “not guilty” verdict for their client.

For example, your lawyer can say that the defendant was somewhere else at the scene of the crime, and therefore couldn’t have committed it. In some types of charges such as assault, the defense can also claim self-defense. If you have enough evidence to support your defense, you can introduce enough reasonable doubt that the jury or judge has to let you go.

In fact, four in ten defendants who go to trial are acquitted, showing just how effecting a quality defense can be. These aggressive defense tactics are best used by bold and relentless defense lawyers who are ready to work hard and do what’s necessary to help their clients.

Only a top criminal attorney in Dushore, PA, can be trusted to successfully take your case to trial and get you an acceptable outcome. If you’re looking for a criminal defense lawyer with trial experience and impeccable qualifications, talk to Mr. Muckler today.

Should You Take a Plea Bargain in Dushore, PA?

Less than 3% of criminal cases go to trial, with the rest ending in a plea deal. The right deal can be a huge advantage to the defendant and the prosecution. For example, you can plead guilty to a lesser charge and get a reduced sentence.

In exchange, the prosecution gets to close the case quickly without an expensive trial, reducing the caseload in the court system.

Plea bargains aren’t always a win-win deal, especially if you accept a deal without evaluating all options and analyzing all available information. Sometimes defendants accept a plea deal, only to discover that there’s evidence that could have completely exonated them. Since plea deals are usually no-contest (meaning you can’t appeal later), they can turn out to be a bad decision.

The best thing to do is work with a trusted and highly experienced Dushore criminal defense lawyer who can help you make the right choice.

Hire a Leading Criminal Attorney in Dushore, PA

With so many criminal lawyers in the Keystone State, finding the right one for you can be difficult. However, there are important considerations that will help to make your job easier.

  • An attorney with extensive experience and connections in local courts
  • The lawyer must have all the relevant qualifications and certifications
  • The best lawyers have enough time and resources to deal with your case in person
  • Friendly payment structure
  • Your lawyer should have excellent reviews from other clients

The best way to choose an excellent defense lawyer is to have an in-person. Mr. Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC, offers the first consultation for free so that you can evaluate your case and decide what you want to do. Contact Muckler Law, LLC, today to get started.

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