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Danville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Danville, PA, Defending Clients in Montour County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Facing criminal charges in Montour County or the surrounding areas is a scary experience for you and your loved ones. Having a top Danville criminal defense lawyer can help you defend your freedom and protect your rights through the trial process. Quality defense also helps to increase the chances of having a desirable outcome.

Misdemeanor cases are the most common criminal offenses in Montour County, being more than double the number of felonies in 2021. The most common offenses were property crimes such as theft, burglary, and robbery, as well as drug charges.

Unfortunately, even seemingly “minor” offenses can have serious consequences. Offenses involving students, such as possession of marijuana or trespassing, can leave a dark mark and make it impossible to access financial aid or get jobs in the future.

A criminal defense lawyer can help you beat misdemeanor or felony charges. Mr. Matthew Muckler has helped numerous defendants avoid criminal convictions through the State’s diversionary programs, such as the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) and the Accelerated Misdemeanor Program (AMP).

Defendants who complete a diversionary program successfully will have the case against them dismissed, with the option to have their record expunged after five years. This is one of the most useful options for defendants who want a fresh start in life after being charged with a crime.

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Criminal Attorney in Danville, PA, Fighting Criminal Charges in Montour County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

You shouldn’t just sit and wait to be jailed for a criminal offense in Danville, PA. The law provides many opportunities to defend yourself, including several rights and protections that you can use to ensure a fair and acceptable result.

Call a Danville defense attorney as soon as you’re arrested or any time you think you may be arrested for a criminal offense. A defense lawyer helps to protect and defend your rights, especially if the police want to question or interrogate you.

Even when you’re facing misdemeanor charges, it’s a bad idea to face the justice system alone. A criminal conviction of any level has the potential to destroy your reputation and curtail your freedom, such as having a driving license suspended. If you do nothing to defend yourself, a conviction is almost guaranteed.

However, if you choose to fight for your Constitutional rights and freedoms, you have a 38% chance of being acquitted in a trial.

How to Fight Felony Charges in Danville and Throughout Pennsylvania

Felony charges may be less common in Danville, but they are far more serious and attract severe penalties. Some of the common felony offenses in Montour County include assault, sexual assault, rape, and drug charges involving narcotics.

Weapons crimes are also common, including possession of an illegal weapon, carrying a concealed weapon, assault with a deadly weapon, and illegal sale of guns and other weapons.

Sometimes, misdemeanor charges such as theft or DUIs can become felonies if there are aggravating factors, such as when a minor is present in the car of a DUI offender or if a DWI accident results in an injury. No matter the type of felony charge you’re facing in Danville, the most important thing is to have an expert criminal attorney to defend you.

Mr. Muckler is one of the top Danville criminal defense lawyers with years of experience in defending clients facing serious felony charges throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. You can count on him to defend you passionately and with dedication to ensure you get the best outcome possible, whether that’s a plea bargain or a trial.

Getting a Fair Plea Bargain in Danville and Throughout Pennsylvania

Over 98% of criminal cases are settled with a plea deal, so there’s a good chance the prosecution will offer to settle. However, not all plea deals are beneficial to the defendant. You’ll likely have to plead guilty to the crime and give up some of your rights, such as the right to appeal.

Unless your lawyer advises you to take a plea deal, it may not be a good idea to accept it before getting all the information first. If the police or the prosecution offers a deal, consult a trusted criminal attorney in Danville, PA, who will advise on what to do.

On the other hand, a plea bargain can be a good option if it results in reduced charges and a lower penalty. Most plea deals offer less prison time for the defendant by recommending a less severe sentence to the judge or dropping one or more charges.

More importantly, a plea deal helps you avoid a long and expensive trial, which can take weeks, months, or even years. Given the complexities of plea bargains, it’s best to let your lawyer do all the hard work and ensure that you get a fair and satisfactory outcome.

Danville Criminal Defense Lawyer Protecting Client Rights in Montour County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

The law of the land provides many rights and protections for defendants. These rights are extremely important in ensuring fairness in criminal trials and balancing the immense power of the State to arrest, prosecute, and imprison.

However, defending these rights requires extensive legal knowledge and skill. Law enforcement officers are experienced at skirting around legal restrictions to trick defendants into self-incrimination. For example, they may lock up a defendant in an uncomfortable place to force a confession.

Other rights violations common in criminal cases include:

  • Illegal searches and seizures
  • Discrimination based on gender, color, religion, or citizenship
  • Failure to follow due process in a criminal investigation
  • Failure of the prosecution to disclose evidence that may be beneficial to the defendant

Rights aren’t always obvious, but they can place the defendant in a serious disadvantage. Having an experienced defense attorney protecting you is the best way to ensure you get a fair and public trial, as is your right.

Contact a Leading Danville Criminal Defense Lawyer You Can Trust

You shouldn’t hire just any criminal lawyer in Danville. Some attorneys lack the time, resources, or motivation to fight for their client’s interests. Some settle for unfair plea deals or tell clients to plead guilty without first mounting a strong defense.

Mr. Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC, is one of the most reputable defense attorneys in Danville who has helped numerous defendants fight criminal charges in the county. His passion, dedication, and commitment to defending the rights of clients to the end ensures you get the best outcome possible, regardless of the charge you’re facing.

Contact Muckler Law, LLC, today for a free consultation and let the best criminal lawyer in Danville help you.

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