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Lehman Township Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Lehman, PA, Fighting for Clients in Pike County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Every defendant facing a criminal charge hopes to have their charges dropped or to get acquitted. That can happen if you have a strong defense with a top-rated Lehman Township criminal defense lawyer, but that’s not always the case.

On the other hand, the consequences of a weak defense are alarming. Many people go to jail for low-level offenses, accounting for 25% of daily jail populations. A strong defense can help reduce unnecessary incarcerations and reduce the impact of criminal charges on you and your loved ones.

Working with an experienced criminal attorney in Lehman, PA, is one of the best ways to ensure a satisfactory outcome during a criminal case. Your lawyer will protect your rights and fight for you in court using their legal expertise and experience.

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Lehman Township Criminal Defense Lawyer Helping Clients With Bail in Pike County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

After being arrested in Pennsylvania, you must be brought before a judge within 72 hours, usually less. During this first court appearance, the judge will read the charge against you, advise you of your rights, and ask you to enter a plea of “guilty” or “not guilty.” This is also the time when the judge sets bail.

Every defendant is entitled to bail, but the amount varies widely based on factors such as:

  • The nature and severity of the offense
  • The defendant’s financial means and employment
  • Family status and ties to the community
  • Age, community reputation, health, and overall likelihood to flee the State or country
  • History of failure to appear in court in the past, if any

Bail is not punishment; it’s just a tool used to ensure the defendant will report in court when requested. The law prohibits excessive or punitive bail, but the truth is that most bail conditions are out of the reach of most defendants.

Bail Options in Lehman Township

The various types of bail and conditions for release are in Pennsylvania Statutes 234 PA. Code Rule 524:

  • Release on Recognizance (ROR): You’re released without having to post bail because the court believes you’re not a flight risk, such as for minor offenses or for a first arrest
  • Release on non-monetary conditions: You’re released without posting bail but with conditions such as not traveling outside the State and not having contact with the victims
  • Unsecured bail bond: A bond amount is set, but you don’t pay it so long as you comply with all bail conditions. However, failure to meet these conditions means you must post bail to be released, or the bail may even be increased or revoked
  • Release on nominal bail: Another person (bail bondsman) posts a nominal fee and acts as surety that you will comply with all conditions, including appearing in court; failure to comply may result in the bondsman having to hire a bounty hunter to find the defendant physically
  • Release on monetary condition: You must pay the full bail amount or put up an asset with sufficient value as collateral

However, these rules may vary from county to county. For example, Philadelphia allows defendants to post 10% of the bail while the rest is treated as an unsecured bail bond. If you comply with all bail conditions, you won’t have to pay the rest. However, Philadelphia doesn’t allow the use of bail bondsmen.

Even when the bail amount is high, a skillful defense lawyer can argue to have it reduced or have more favorable conditions. Some judges allow defendants to post a small percentage deposit and go free.

As an experienced Lehman Township criminal defense lawyer, Mr. Muckler is ready to help you get better bail conditions through a bail hearing or other means.

How a Qualified Criminal Attorney in Lehman, PA Can Help

In addition to getting you out on bail, a defense lawyer does so much more to protect the defendant’s Constitutional right to a fair trial and secure their client’s interests.

It’s particularly important that your lawyer ensure your rights are upheld in Pike County, such as the right to know the charges and evidence against you, protection against self-incrimination, and protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. These rights help to protect you from unfair or hurtful practices by law enforcement.

In the course of protecting your rights and defending you in trial, a defense lawyer may do any of the following:

  • Investigate the charges against you and collect any useful and favorable evidence, such as surveillance footage, documents, official reports, and witness interviews
  • Examine law enforcement’s behavior during investigation, arrest, and questioning to determine if there were any rights violations
  • Communicate with you and your close family and friends to inform you of what’s going on and gather information that may help in the case
  • Create a defense strategy based on the case and evidence presented against you, e.g., an alibi defense or introduction of reasonable doubt
  • Advice you on big decisions, such as whether to take a plea deal or choose to have a bench trial

A top-level criminal attorney in Lehman, PA, does so much in the background, including hours of research work and preparation of motions and briefs, interviewing witnesses, analyzing evidence, and more.

Contact a Trusted Lehman Township Criminal Defense Lawyer For a Free Consultation Today

When you work with a dedicated criminal lawyer like Mr. Muckler, you can be sure of having a strong defense with nothing left to chance. Unlike some public defenders who don’t even meet their clients until they go to court, Mr. Muckler ensures you get personal attention until your case is resolved.

Mr. Muckler is the founder of Muckler Law, LLC, and has been defending clients in Lehman and Pike County for years. With his extensive experience and reputation as a fierce criminal defense lawyer, you will be in good hands no matter what criminal charge you’re facing.

Contact Muckler Law, LLC, today and get a free consultation with Mr. Muckler, a top criminal lawyer in Lehman Township.

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