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Honesdale Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Honesdale, PA, Defending Clients in Wayne County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Being charged with a crime comes with a great deal of stress, worry, shame, and even fear. You don’t know what’s going to happen in the future, and your loved ones are drawn into this turmoil as well. Working with an expert Honesdale criminal defense lawyer can help bring hope and comfort to the accused and make the trial process much easier.

It’s important to fight criminal charges with everything you’ve got. The justice system isn’t always fair, and you can be swallowed up if you don’t fight for your rights. However, an experienced defense attorney goes a long way toward giving you favorable odds in your trial.

In 2021, 17.2% of cases in Wayne County’s Court of Common Pleas were “diversionary dispositions,” which means they were resolved with something other than a trial and criminal conviction. For example, Probation Without Verdict allows first offenders with minor charges to serve probation and get their charges dismissed upon fulfilling court conditions.

This is just one of many golden chances that a first-rate Honesdale criminal defense lawyer can help you take. Even if you’re facing serious felony charges, let a defense lawyer fight for you and give you a fair shot at freedom in Wayne County.

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Honesdale Criminal Defense Lawyer Fighting Misdemeanor Charges in Wayne County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Misdemeanor offenses are the most common in Honesdale, PA, and they’re cases with the most potential for a satisfactory outcome. It’s unfortunate that the majority of accused people in jail are there for minor offenses and are either awaiting trial or have been unable to post bail. In fact, the justice system has been called by some “the massive misdemeanor system.”

These seemingly “minor” charges can destroy lives if you don’t fight them with the help of an experienced defense attorney. Third-degree and second-degree can get you more than a year in jail, while first-class offenses carry jail terms of up to five years.

When you add up the fines and long-term consequences of being convicted, you get an idea of how bad the situation can get. Mr. Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC, has helped numerous defendants fight misdemeanor charges and get better outcomes, such as acquittal, dismissal, and reduced sentencing.

First-time offenders charged with minor non-violent offenses have the best chances of getting a fresh start. Many of the clients Mr. Muckler helps are young people and college students who made a mistake and who just want to make things right.

  • Disorderly conduct in Honesdale, PA
  • Street racing in Honesdale, PA
  • Driving under the influence in Honesdale, PA
  • Careless or reckless driving in Honesdale, PA
  • Possession of marijuana or narcotics in Honesdale, PA
  • Criminal trespass in Honesdale, PA
  • Sexual assault in Honesdale, PA

Public defenders are under so much pressure from the heavy caseload in the system that they don’t take these charges seriously. A lot of the time, innocent people end up getting their lives ruined. A skilled criminal defense lawyer with experience in fighting misdemeanor charges in Honesdale, PA can help you beat your criminal charges.

Getting Out of Jail When Facing a Criminal Charge in Honesdale and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Once you’re arrested in Honesdale or anywhere else in Northeastern Pennsylvania, the priority should be to get out of custody as soon as possible. The easiest way to do that is by posting bail so you can follow up with your case as a free person.

By now you must know by experience that there’s nothing like talking your way out of a criminal charge, even if you’re actually innocent. Once the state believes you’re innocent, they’ll come at you with everything they’ve got. Whether you’re facing a felony charge or a misdemeanor, don’t even accept a plea deal until a trusted criminal defense lawyer reviews your case and advises you of all the options available.

The criminal justice system has gotten into the habit of settling criminal cases with plea bargains, sometimes without even taking the time to find out if there’s any evidence that could help clear the charges against defendants. In fact, 98% of cases end in plea bargains, meaning that even innocent people plead guilty just so they can “get it over with.”

This doesn’t have to happen when you have an expert criminal attorney in Honesdale, PA is fighting for you.

Get a Honesdale Criminal Defense Lawyer as Soon as Possible

It’s very important to get a defense lawyer involved in the early stages of your case. As soon as you’re brought into custody, ask for a lawyer, and don’t say anything more to the police. Don’t even try to defend yourself against the accusations, they likely don’t care and just want to hand you over to the prosecutors.

A defense lawyer is your best friend in this case who can help protect your rights and build a strong defense if your case goes to trial. If you go unprotected, your Constitutional rights and protections may not be upheld and you may not get a fair trial.

For instance, you have a Fourth Amendment right to be protected against illegal searches and seizures. Law enforcement shouldn’t stop and search you or your property without probable cause, but they often do that anyway. You also have a right not to incriminate yourself by being forced to confess to a crime, but many interrogations amount to coercion and intimidation.

Immediately you’re arrested or as soon as you suspect the police have an interest in you, talk to a trusted criminal attorney in Honesdale, PA. Contact Muckler Law now and get your free consultation and case evaluation to help you get your defense started.

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