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Pottsville Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Pottsville, PA, Fighting for Clients in Schuylkill County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

When you or a loved one has been arrested in Pottsville, it’s important to get out of custody as soon as possible. A Pottsville criminal defense lawyer helps you secure and protect your freedom by upholding your Constitutional rights.

If you can afford a lawyer, you will have a much better chance of securing your freedom compared to defendants who are represented by a public defender. A top criminal attorney in Pottsville, PA, is much more experienced, skilled, and committed to securing your freedom, compared to public defenders who are overwhelmed with cases and vastly underfunded.

It’s not their fault; Pennsylvania is one of few states that doesn’t directly fund public defenders, instead leaving it to the counties. With overwhelming caseloads and far too few staff, public defenders in Schuylkill County strike plea bargains 84% of the time and dedicate their time to the more serious cases.

If you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, let a skilled and experienced Pottsville criminal defense lawyer fight for your rights and maximize the chances of getting a satisfactory outcome.

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How an Experienced Pottsville Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help With Your Case

The majority of criminal offenses in Pottsville are non-violent. Many of these are minor but defendants end up being jailed because they couldn’t afford adequate legal representation. Some of the most common criminal charges that Mr. Muckler handles include:

  • Pottsville juvenile crimes, such as underage drinking, possession of marijuana, vandalism, and disorderly conduct
  • Pottsville DUI charges
  • Pottsville drug crimes, including possession and distribution charges
  • Pottsville larceny and theft charges
  • Pottsville assault crimes

Sex crimes in Pottsville, PA are also common in the county at various levels of severity, from lewdness to sexual assault and rape. When you’ve been accused of a crime in Pottsville, consider working with a criminal defense lawyer who has years of experience defending and protecting clients throughout Schuylkill County.

In particular. Mr. Muckler has helped many young people facing misdemeanor and summary charges avoid prison and get their charges dismissed. Many counties in Pennsylvania have programs designed to help first offenders and those charged with minor crimes avoid criminal convictions through alternative sentencing.

For example, a judge may send a defendant to drug treatment or anger management while on probation. Successfully completing the program results in charges against them being dropped. If you stay out of trouble, you can even get your record expunged after five years, helping you in the future to secure jobs and apply for financial aid.

If you’re a student charged with drunk or careless driving, trespass, possession of illegal drugs, assault, sexual assault, stalking, underage drinking, or any other crime, let the best Pottsville criminal defense lawyer help you.

How to Get Out on Bail in Pottsville, PA

Every defendant is entitled to bail, but the bail amount and conditions can be prohibitive to many defendants. A defense lawyer with experience in local courts can help you secure affordable bail or even get you released without paying anything.

In fact, judges are required to consider a type of bail called Release on Recognizance (ROR), which doesn’t require you to pay anything. Unfortunately, judges across Schuylkill County set bail amounts in 39.9% of cases, with the average bail amount being $25,200. Over 60% of defendants are unable to post this bail, resulting in unnecessary jail time.

A skilled lawyer can help you get out on more favorable bail terms. The various types of bail available in Pottsville, PA, are:

  • Release on Recognizance (ROR): Release without having to post bail because the court believes you’re not a flight risk
  • Release on non-monetary conditions: Released without posting bail, but with certain conditions, e.g., not to travel outside the State and not to have contact with the victims
  • Unsecured bail bond: A bond amount is set, but you don’t pay it so long as you comply with all bail conditions. Failure to meet these conditions means the bail becomes due, or it may even be increased or revoked altogether
  • Release on nominal bail: A bail bondsman posts bail for you and acts as surety that you will comply with all conditions, including appearing in court. If you don’t comply, they’re authorized to find you and bring you in
  • Release on monetary condition: You must pay the full bail amount or put up an asset with sufficient value as collateral

Did you know that you can also use your bail money to pay your attorney’s fees? Since bail is fully refundable, you can ask your attorney to accept the bail amount as part of your fees, which will be released when the case is decided. You don’t have to go without quality representation because of a tight budget.

Contact a Qualified Pottsville Criminal Defense Lawyer for a Free Consultation Today

Facing criminal charges in Pottsville is one of the scariest experiences you can face. Whether you’re a young person with your whole life ahead of you or a respected person in the community with an impeccable reputation, your life doesn’t have to turn inside out when you have a top-notch criminal lawyer defending you.

Mr. Matthew Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC, has worked for years to help defendants in Pottsville beat criminal charges and has gained a reputation as a relentless and passionate lawyer. Whether you’re facing minor charges are looking for a way to avoid jail time, or you’re charged with serious felony charges, Mr. Muckler is here and ready to help you.

Contact Muckler Law, LLC, and get your free consultation and quality legal counsel today.

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