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Sunbury Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Attorney in Sunbury, PA, Fighting for Clients in Northumberland County and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

You shouldn’t just sit and wait to be jailed for a criminal offense in Sunbury, PA. If you’re being charged with a crime, it’s important to work with a Sunbury criminal defense lawyer to fight the charges against you and protect your rights during the trial.

The law provides many opportunities to defend yourself, including several rights and protections that you can use to ensure a fair and acceptable result. Unfortunately, many defendants don’t get the best defense possible, which is why 60% of criminal cases in Northumberland County result in a guilty plea, and less than 2% go to trial.

A criminal defense lawyer should be willing to do anything reasonably necessary to protect the rights and freedom of their client. Working with a top-level criminal attorney in Sunbury, PA, is the best way to ensure you get a satisfactory outcome, no matter what charges you’re facing.

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How a Qualified Sunbury Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help With Your Case

Some of the most common criminal offenses in Sunbury, PA, are drug charges, larceny, DUI/DWI offenses, and violent crimes. Some of the most common offenders are young people, especially college students.

Given how seriously a criminal conviction can affect the life of a young person and their loved ones, Muckler Law, LLC, is dedicated to helping defendants charged with misdemeanors and first offenders get their lives back on track.

Luckily, Pennsylvania offers several options for first offenders facing minor misdemeanors. There are several programs that allow you to avoid prison if you fulfill certain conditions, such as drug treatment and probation. If you complete the terms set by the court, you can get the charges against you dismissed and have your record expunged after 5 years.

One of these diversion programs is Section 17 Probation Without Verdict. This program is for those charged with non-violent crimes for the first time. If you successfully complete all the conditions of the program, all charges against you will be dismissed.

Defending Clients Against Felony Charges in Sunbury, PA

Felonies are serious crimes, especially when they involve violence. They usually attract severe penalties, usually a mandatory prison term and a fine. The main categories of felony offenses are:

  • Felony in the third degree, such as theft of property worth $2,000 to $100,000, bribery, certain gun crimes, drug possession with intent to distribute, and possession of child pornography
  • Felony in the second degree, such as aggravated assault, assault with a deadly weapon, theft of property valued at $100,000–$500,000, sexual assault, and burglary
  • Felony in the first degree, such as kidnapping, burglary (when there’s someone in the premises), arson, rape, and theft of property valued at over $500,000
  • Felony murder in the second degree (manslaughter)
  • Felony murder in the first degree, which means intentional or premeditated killing

Sentencing for each of these categories is stated clearly in the law. First-degree felonies require up to 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $25,000. Second-degree felonies attract up to 10 years in prison and a similar fine, while third-degree felonies can get you up to 7 years in jail and a fine of up to $15,000.

Felony murder charges automatically attract a life sentence or a death sentence, but a lesser sentence can be given for manslaughter.

The penalty for each crime can vary greatly depending on the circumstances and the quality of your defense. A skilled lawyer can help you reduce the charges against you or negotiate a favorable plea bargain that leads to less time in prison and a lower fine.

There’s also a best-case scenario where a Sunbury criminal defense lawyer may get you acquitted or have the case dismissed. For example, evidence that was illegally obtained can get thrown out and tear down the whole case.

Why Choose Sunbury Criminal Defense Lawyer Matthew T. Muckler for Your Defense?

Every defendant in a criminal trial has Constitutional rights that must be respected by law enforcement and prosecutors. They’re meant to limit the government’s power when it comes to arresting, prosecuting, or jailing people.

When you stand up for your rights, you’re giving yourself the best chance of having a fair trial. Some of the most important rights are the right to an attorney, protection from self-incrimination, and the right to due process of law. Unfortunately, these are also the most abused rights.

In his many years of representing defendants in Sunbury and throughout Pennsylvania, Mr. Muckler has come across many people who were tricked into waiving their right to an attorney or the right to silence. Some end up giving a full confession because the police told them, “Just tell us your side of the story.”

Your rights as an accused person are extremely important, and you should be very careful about what you do when in custody. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the complexities and subtleties of the Bill of Rights. Having a lawyer representing is vital because they can help to uphold your rights and ensure you get fair treatment and a fair trial.

Hire a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer in Sunbury, PA

A good criminal defense lawyer doesn’t just file your paperwork for you. They should also work hard to fight for your interests by investigating the case, collecting favorable evidence, talking to witnesses, and developing a strong defense strategy.

The best defense lawyers go beyond their usual duty to research the facts of the case to find out if there is anything they can use to help their client go free. They develop a close professional relationship with the client and take an active interest in what’s going on.

Mr. Matthew Muckler has built a reputation as a passionate and dedicated criminal defense lawyer in Sunbury, PA. Thanks to his years of experience and skill, he’s ready to give you top-notch representation and defense if you contact Muckler Law today.

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