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Pennsylvania Juvenile Defense Lawyer

Juvenile Law Attorney in Kingston, PA, Helps Protect the Futures of Young Clients Facing Juvenile Delinquency or Criminal Charges in Luzerne County, Lackawanna County, Columbia County, and Throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania

Has your child been arrested or charged with delinquent or criminal acts? A delinquency adjudication or criminal conviction can have serious consequences for your son’s or daughter’s future. Turn to a Pennsylvania juvenile defense lawyer from Muckler Law, LLC, to protect your child’s interests. With over a decade of experience in criminal law, including having previously served as a Luzerne County assistant district attorney, Attorney Matthew Muckler has developed extensive knowledge of the Pennsylvania criminal justice system. He has also been recognized in the state as a leader in Juvenile Law, in addition to being honored as a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers ®.

If your son or daughter has been arrested and charged with juvenile delinquency or a crime, you need to act quickly to protect their rights and future. Contact Muckler Law, LLC, for a free case review to discuss your child’s legal options with an experienced juvenile law attorney in Kingston, PA.

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Types of Juvenile Cases We Handle

At Muckler Law, LLC, our firm can advocate for your son or daughter if they are facing juvenile delinquency proceedings or adult criminal prosecution for offenses such as:

The Juvenile Justice System in Pennsylvania

The Juvenile Justice System in Pennsylvania is designed to provide supervision, care, and rehabilitation for juveniles who commit delinquent acts. These goals are also balanced with the need to provide protection for the community, ensure accountability for delinquent offenses, and enable children to become responsible, productive members of society.

The juvenile justice system represents an alternative system to the adult criminal justice system and differs from the criminal justice system in several critical ways:

  • The juvenile justice system is available to minors who commit offenses between the ages of 10 and 18, although supervision can continue until age 21.
  • Offenses are considered delinquent acts rather than crimes, and minors found to have committed offenses are said to have been “adjudicated delinquent” rather than convicted or “found guilty.”
  • Juvenile delinquency hearings are usually not open to the public and are presided over by a judge or hearing master who makes the delinquency adjudication; delinquency hearings are not jury trials

A minor in the juvenile justice system may have their delinquency charges resolved in one of several ways. When a minor is released to their parent’s/guardian’s custody, they may have the option of participating in a diversion program to avoid juvenile court. However, if the police refer the case to the juvenile court, a juvenile probation officer will conduct an intake to determine how the case should proceed, including dismissal of the matter, informal adjustment (a type of probation that results in dismissal of charges upon successful completion), consent decree (a probation plan that suspends the delinquency proceedings, although the minor will still have an arrest record), or an adjudication hearing.

If the juvenile court adjudicates a minor delinquent at an adjudication hearing, it will hold a disposition hearing to impose either formal probation or placement outside the minor’s home in a residential facility.

How Will a Pennsylvania Juvenile Defense Lawyer Advocate for Your Son’s or Daughter’s Rights

Pennsylvania Juvenile Crimes LawyerPennsylvania Juvenile Crimes Lawyer

When you learn that your child has been arrested for criminal behavior, you may be immediately concerned about their future and what an adjudication or conviction may mean for them and your family. Turn to a juvenile law attorney in Kingston, PA, from Muckler Law, LLC, for peace of mind in knowing you have a dedicated advocate fighting for your son’s or daughter’s interests. When you choose us to help your child, you can expect our firm to:

  • Investigate your child’s case to secure all available evidence to build a thorough case strategy
  • Advocate for your son’s or daughter’s rights, including when law enforcement wants to conduct a search or questioning
  • Explain your child’s charges to your family and advise you of possible outcomes in the case
  • Pursue every avenue to pursue a reduction or dismissal of charges, including moving to exclude evidence or dismiss the case
  • Arguing for the benefits your child would have in the juvenile justice system if the state seeks to transfer the case to adult criminal court
  • Defending your son’s or daughter’s interests if the case goes to an adjudicatory hearing or trial

Don’t let a mistake jeopardize your son’s or daughter’s future or freedom. Get experienced legal representation to protect your child’s rights and options. Contact Muckler Law, LLC, today for a free, confidential consultation to learn how a Pennsylvania juvenile defense lawyer from our firm will advocate for your son or daughter to pursue the best possible resolution to their juvenile delinquency or criminal charges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Juvenile Defense in Pennsylvania

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