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Criminal Defense Legal Services in Lackawanna County, PA

When you're confronted with the rigors of the legal system in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, it's paramount to have an adept and dependable lawyer on your side. Matthew T. Muckler of Muckler Law, LLC offers incisive, effective, and empathetic criminal defense services across Lackawanna County.

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Wide Geographical Reach Within Lackawanna County

Muckler Law, LLC takes pride in delivering top-notch legal services to every corner of Lackawanna County, including the cities of Scranton, Dunmore, and Carbondale, as well as smaller communities. Whether you're contending with a traffic ticket in Dunmore or facing a serious assault charge in Scranton, we're here to provide expert legal counsel.

Matthew T. Muckler specializes in a wide array of criminal law practice areas including Criminal Defense, DUI, Drug Crimes, Traffic Tickets, and more. This expansive range of expertise enables us to meet the multifaceted legal requirements of the residents of Lackawanna County effectively.

Unmatched Professional Recognitions

Matthew T. Muckler has been licensed to practice law in Pennsylvania since 2008 and has received a prestigious "Rising Star" accolade from Super Lawyers in 2023. These accomplishments are a testament to his resolute dedication to his clients and his proficiency in criminal law.

Tailored Consultations for Your Specific Needs

If you find yourself embroiled in a legal issue in Lackawanna County, PA, your first step should be to consult Muckler Law, LLC. Call us at 570-908-4069 for an initial consultation designed to assess your unique situation, extend empathetic understanding, and lay out a bespoke legal strategy tailored for you.

Muckler Law, LLC stands as a bastion of dedicated, effective, and conscientious legal representation in Lackawanna County. Rooted in a philosophy of vigorously fighting for justice and offering superior legal guidance, we ensure that you are never alone in your legal struggle.

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Great lawyer handled my case in a blink of an eye

“Attorney Muckler handled my hearing and I was very happy with the outcome. He is very easy to talk to and a great guy. I look forward to working with him in the future.”

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